Resume Tracker


Recruiters are flooded with hundreds of resumes and imagine remembering their names or skills or contact info or where they are located or rate/salary expectations or find the right candidate for jobs at hand in less time. Candidate management as well as trackingtheir status is crucial to every recruiter’s success.

Resume Tracker allows recruiters to succeed and eliminates the hassles of tracking resumes or candidates.

With Resume Tracker recruiter can track candidates, store and sort resumes and query resume database either on Candidate Name, Skill or Email Id to make the next placement.Resume Tracker helps to simplify and automate the process, saving recruiters time and increasing productivity.


It just takes a minute to upload resumes into Resume Tracker and along with tracking their status, recruiters can maintain the rates or salary expected, contact info, email id, skills and location of the candidate. Once uploaded they can view the resume, edit or update and delete the resume.


Recruiter can maintain unlimited resumes and track them.


Simply put with Resume Tracker recruiters will