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SAN Administrator

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

  • Job ID :
  • Posted :
    2013-12-09 10:19:02
  • Job Categories :
    Information Technology
  • Job Type :
    Fulltime, W2 Contractor, Subcontractor
  • Salary :
  • Location :
    Indianapolis, Indiana
Unix Systems Administrator - Unix Shell scripting
Job Expires in 1048 days

Job Description

Install and
maintain all aspects of SAN Storage Administration including: Daily
Provisioning, Expansion, Zoning, Lun Masking, Performance Tuning/Monitoring,
Scripting ( Unix Shell, Perl, Windows), Cisco SAN configuration, Control Center,
and ECC monitoring. Make recommendations for improving performance, reliability
and functionality of the storage systems. Participate and design appropriate and
effective disaster recovery schemes. Perform on-call support on a rotating basis
with other storage admins. Resolve problem tickets as assigned. Adhere and
follow documented change control procedures.

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