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Sybase DBA

Irvine, California, United States

  • Job ID :
  • Posted :
    2013-10-02 13:17:24
  • Job Categories :
    Database Developers
  • Job Type :
    Fulltime, W2 Contractor, Subcontractor
  • Salary :
  • Location :
    Irvine, California
Oracle • Java • Power Builder • Visual Basic • C / C++ • Linux
Job Expires in 1119 days

Job Description

Requirements :


This position will involve supporting several Sybase/MS SQL Server database and replication servers in production, beta, test and DR environments. This support includes but is not limited to installation; applying server upgrades and bug fixes; managing and monitoring the use of disk space, memory and connections; extending database size and capacity planning; backing up and restoring databases; diagnosing and resolving database problems; executing database object changes; performance and tuning; resolving SQL issues; maintaining 24x7 server availability with optimum database performance. In addition, the position requires on-call after-hours production and development support.

Experience with Unix and Unix shell scripting and excellent verbal and written communication skills are also required.

Must be able to work a swing shift once a month- for one week 3-11pm.



Prior experience in the following areas:

•             Creating and managing databases and segments

•             Backup and recovery

•             Database consistency checks

•             Establishing free space thresholds

•             Maintenance and troubleshooting

•             Database monitoring

•             Performance tuning

•             Transact SQL

•             Unix

•             Korn shell scripting

•             Database modeling


Working knowledge of one or more of the following:

•             Microsoft SQL Server

•             Whitesands

•             Oracle

•             Java

•             Power Builder

•             Visual Basic

•             C / C++

•             Linux

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